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This is my family. Karl, myself, Josh (11) and Kaleb (10). Karl is my foundation, he is my support and strength. Josh and Kaleb are a continuous joy in my life. To be surrouned by such wonderful people is a blessing.

Karl is currently working full time as a software engineer. In the evening he attends Eastern Michigan University seeking his masters degree in computers and mathematics. In his spare time he enjoys a good nap and watching the Washington Huskies play football.

Josh is a joy. He is eternally happy and energetic. Josh plays the trumpet in his school band and is doing very well. Josh is keeping busy these days by participating in his schools intermural sports program. This week it's flag football. His hobbies are playing baseball, playing video games and of course pestering his brother. 

Kaleb is the family comedian. He continually makes me laugh. Kaleb, like his brother, plays the trumpet in his school band. He is doing very well for just picking it up a few months ago. Kaleb is busy these days with the local swim club. He is moving up in the club quickly and is enjoying competing in swim meets.

I am a full time student at Eastern Michigan University seeking my bachelors degree in education. I plan on student teaching in the winter of 2007. To some, that seems like such a long way off, but I see it as right around the corner.
I took up quilting over the summer. I truly enjoy it. My mom was right, once I started I was hooked. Finding the time right now is difficult, but I will take on another project over Christmas break.


One of our favorite places to vacation is in Washington where Karl grew up. This picture was taken on Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains during the summer of 2002. Breathtaking isn't it?
We don't get there often, but cherish the visit when we do.


Another place we like to visit is northern Michigan, the Traverse City area. These trips are very special to me. I have many special vacation memories with my grandmother here. Grandma Soph was an inspiration to me and I miss her dearly. This picture was taken a few summers ago near Traverse City, Michigan. The farm house my grandmother grew up in is long gone, but the barn still stands.

A few of my favorite web sites are: which is where I got this precious background and graphics from. Hint to my husband, great Christmas idea!! is another favorite site. What a powerful voice. If you haven't had a chance to listen, I urge you to do so.

Created November, 2005
Last updated: November, 10 2005