Hello World! My name is Lois and this is my first attempt at creating a website from scratch. I've decided to use this website to document my independent study on the book Ecology of Commerce with Dr. Mayda. It's 9/23/09 and I'm not sure yet what exactly she wants me to do, but I thought I'd start this off by documenting a little about my interest in sustainable development, what I know about it, what I want to learn, all that crap. :) PS: When I get around to it, I'll make this all pretty and official. I learned about sustainable development in 2005, I think, when I read an article in the NY Times about the Millenium Project. In case you weren't aware, the Millenium Project came from the United Nation's Millenium Goals - to eradicate poverty by I forget what year. The MP was, and is, headed up by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs. He's a trained economist, so I decided I would major in economics so I too could help eradicate poverty.