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Metaphorical self portrait done in photoshop

We all learn ideas and concepts that become our reality. These things become our reality by making choices about them. The inclination towards particular choices comes from both inside and out, but what comes first, are the stories we hear from different people in our lives. In listening, learning, and telling these stories we become them; the good ones, the bad ones, the uncomfortable ones, the silly ones, and many other kinds.

Teachers who are storytellers are the retainers of diverse histories and they have a way of passing on the sensibilities it takes to stay curious about the mysterious happenings of past, present, and future.
Imagination is powerful and within storytelling the imagination is guided but also set free to be open and receptive to possibilities and change.

Stories protect history but are also flexible; they have lessons within them and learning through stories builds complexity and depth of mind and heart. By learning and knowing stories from many perspectives one can find truths.


I am earning a Visual Art Education Certification from Eastern Michigan University. I was born and raised in Michigan and hope to continue living and working here. Growing up I attended three different schools with very different teaching styles and philosophies which led me to the realization that education methods and educational needs vary depending on where you are. I am very driven by the need to teach sustainability to students. As a culture we find ourselves facing a rather challenging future and my belief is that contemporary students will need to learn how to live in the mainstream in a very different ways that I, or my folks, have learned to live. I have always loved art as a form of expression but also as a way to learn about many diverse ways of life. It is the language that I best understand and hopefully I will do well communicating with and through it, as I face future classrooms.


My resume and teaching philosphy available upon request

All information on these pages is for technology education requirements for a Bachelors in Visual Arts Education Certification through Eastern Michigan University.

Thanks to Miro, Megan, and Tina for helping with the Arts Advocacy Video above
Please email me at lvoelker@emich.edu
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