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You've found my page! This will soon be a resource for those who would like to learn about music in both theory and practicality.

You will also be able to schedule private lessons through this site and find out when and where I will be performing.

So have a look around and feel free to drop me a line!

Upcoming Performances:

Stoney Creek Gospel - June 7th @ 10pm Mabscott, WV

Stoney Creek Gospel - June 7th (6pm), 8th (7pm), and 9th (9am and 7pm) Appalachian State Camp Meeting

Stoney Creek Gospel - June 12th *Private Event*

Stoney Creek Gospel - June 14th (11am & 2pm), 15th (7pm), 16th (7pm), and 17th (7pm) Taylor, MI

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