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Mechanical Engineering Technology News

News for MET majors - August, 2014

News regarding program changes, course offerings as well as postings for jobs and co-op positions will be listed here for the time being. Be sure to check this site from time to time.

Program News

  • We are now accredited by ETAC-ABET! This accreditation is retroactive to October 2010!
  • The most current version of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program can be found under the MET Programs tab on this web site.
  • How to Find a Textbook for a Class

  • Go to
  • Click on “Students”
  • On the far left side is a list entitled ‘Classes’
  • Click on ‘Course Schedules’ at the bottom of the list
  • Put in the semester, e.g., Fall 2012 in the top drop down menu
  • Put in MET or PDD, etc., in the third field from the top
  • Hit ‘submit’
  • Under each class is a link the says ‘Text Book Information’
  • Click once on this link and the information appears.
  • Co-operative Education

  • Eastern Michigan University's Cooperative Education program provides students with a unique opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to a temporary or part-time career-related employment position. Participating employers typically include businesses and industry. Co-op provides direct, on-the-job experience while enhancing a student's academic preparation. Students earn academic credit (MET 387) and a salary for each co-op job assignment. Note: Career Services is now called University Advising and Career Development Center (UACDC) and they are located in 200 McKenny Hall.
  • There a three ways for you to find an employer: 1) Through UACDC (please upload your resume to the UACDC website), 2) responding to a request for a co-op employee as emailed by me or Prof. Lyons or 3) finding an employer via networking with family, friends, or classmates.
  • Typically you need a 2.5 GPA and PDD 122 or some knowledge of CAD and a couple of MET courses. Some co-op companies will take students earlier in their academic career, so never hesitate to apply for any co-op's you hear of and qualify for.
  • Visit the University Advising and Career Development Center, 200 McKenney Hall (734-487-0400), and pick up an information packet outlining the program and application process. Or start by going to: Co-op information and forms
  • When you have filled out the forms found on the website listed above and secured the necessary signatures and letter from your prospective employer, you need to drop these off at the UACDC for the next form that needs to be filled out and signed.
  • Once a co-op offer is accepted, you will be given a Work Learning Agreement (WLA) and a Student and Employer Evaluation.
  • After filling in the WLA form and dropping it off to UACDC, UACDC will ENROLL you in MET 387. Note, I cannot give an override! UACDC enrolls you and you will see this three credit course on your schedule and will be billed for the three credits in the normal way.
  • Upon completion of your placement, you must submit your evaluation and your employer's evaluation to the Co-op office in the UACDC office. You will also need to submit your essay as well.
  • The Co-op office will forward a copy of the above to the MET Faculty Sponsor for issuance of a grade.
  • You are required to fulfill this requirement for graduation unless you make other arrangments, see M. Brake.

    You can no longer declare mechanical engineering technology (MET). You must be admitted to MET after being admitted to EMU.

  • You need a C or better in MATH 120 or 140 AND received a C or better in PHY 221 or PHY 223.
  • You also need to have a GPA of 2.3 or better. To apply go to:
  • MET Application for Admission

  • Employment

  • If you are working for an employer who may have an openning for a co-op for an MET student, would you please share it? Email me at and I will post it. Thanks!