Fuller Pool looking toward Cedar Bend Drive in the background - where couples used to park and have sex before they closed off the wooded part of the road.
This bit of history is important to the painting since any student of art history can tell you that a painting with historical subject matter ranks at the top of the genre hierarchy while mere landscape is down at the bottom along with still life.
Also have a middle school drama right out of Welcome to the Doll's House going on with big kids pecking on the girl in the water while the girl on the left looks on disapprovingly.
Posting the unfinished scene to show what I'm talking about when I complain about the frustrating details. Got a long way to go on this scene.
Looking at paintings of Monet and Renoir of bathing spot on a branch of the Seine.
Monet's version of la Grenouille
Renoir's version

p.s. More history: Fuller road used to be called Potawatomi Trail because there was a native American trail running along the river, but it was supposedly too hard to spell. Think "Potawatomi Pool and Water Slide".

oil on canvas 30" by 40"