Mitosis Webquest

A WebQuest for 9th Grade (Biology)

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Melissa Johnson

Mitosis  is a process of cell division

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Imagine yourself as a single cell about to divide yourself in two. What are the phases that make up the cycle? What would be happenind during each phase? What is happening to the cells around you? Reading up on the process of mitosis will help you to know what you would be going through as a cell during each part of the cycle. Knowing the cycle of mitosis better will help you to understand the process from the inside out.

What would it be like to be a cell during mitosis? What processes are you going through during each phase of the cycle?


The Task

Visit the websites in "The Process" section and learn about the cycle of mitosis. Please use the information you find to create a PowerPoint presentation with an intro, a slide per each stage of the cycle, and a conclusion slide. The goal of this presentation is for you to be able to explain the cycle of mitosis in your own words. When your webquest is completed you will have a better understanding of the cycle of mitosis and each of its individual phases. You will understand what is happening during each phase and the effect division has on other cells. Also, you will be able to use the information you learned to help understand the other cycle of cell division called meiosis.

The Process

First visit these websites:

Take notes on the information you need and your understanding of it.

Organize the information for your presentation and how you will explain it.

Create your PowerPoint presentation with an intro slide, a slide for each phase of the cycle, and a conclusion slide.

Summit your presentation to me by

Present your presentation in class and be prepared with notes or 3x5 cards.


Your points will be evaluated using this rubric:













No notes
Notes lack details and no interpretation of information
Notes are detailed and some interpretation is given
Notes are very detailed and interpretation is very well explained





No PowerPoint
Not all of the slides are present and little detail is given to information
All slides are present but not enough information is given
All slides are present, information is  well used, and the information is interpreted.

PresentationNo presentation is givenPresentation is too short(<1 minute) and speaker is not preparedPresentation is short(1-2 minutes) and speaker is somewhat  preparedPresentation is appropriate length(>2 minutes) and speaker is well prepared


Now you know all about the cycle of mitosis! You have learned how non-sex cells divide into two new cells. You have developed note taking skills and worked on your interpretations of what you read. Also, you have created a PowerPoint presentation and presented it to the entire class. 

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