EDMT330 Class Webpage for Preservice Teachers


Megan Collins

A Little About Me

I  moved to Saline, MI when I was in the 6th grade and still live there today. Some hobbies I enjoy include: running, scrapbooking, and going camping with my family.  I am really good at caring for children.  I would really love to teach math and science in the 4th grade.  This is my third year at EMU, and I am planning to student teach next semester.     

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that all students love to learn.  I also believe that not all students learn in the same way.  As a teacher, I must make sure every person in my class is included and is respected.  Therefore, it is my responsibility, to differentiate my lessons, so that every student in my class will grow and learn.  I understand that technology can play a big role when I differentiate my lessons.  Some students will be better at learning through the computer than from a book, because the computer is more interactive.  My main goal for all of my students is that they have fun, learn lots, and become life long learners.       

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

Remember to practice every day, that includes: spelling homework, math facts, and any other subjects you might have difficulty in.   

Technology Tip

When giving a powerpoint presentation never read directly from the slides!! 

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