About Me

Matthew Coon


Hello, my name is Matthew Coon. I am a sophomore Computer Science student at Eastern Michigan University. My hometown is Hartland, Michigan, a small town between Flint and Ann Arbor. I have a wide array of interests that are evolving constantly, but right now my primary interest besides school is Photography. I co-founded Eastern’s photography club as the vice president, and recently had the first official meeting.

One of my favorite classes at Eastern was Introduction to Asian Philosophy. It has sparked a strong interest and belief in early Chinese philosophy. Another elective that I enjoyed was my Photography for Non-Majors class, which sparked my interest in photography, and Analog photography in general. I hope after reading this you have a better understanding of me.

Dreams and Goals

As most of my fellow Computer Science majors, I would like to have a job in the Software industry after graduation, but if I cannot find a job, I will likely go back to school as a grad student. I expect to move from Michigan once I graduate, likely in a city. A few of the cities I’ve been considering moving to include Philadelphia, Seattle, or Toronto. Ultimately, it depends on where my career takes me.

I would also like to take a great vacation after I graduate. It would likely be a cross-country trip. A few of the countries I’ve been considering include America, China, Japan, or Thailand. Regardless, I look forward to getting a better and wider impression of the world.

Hobbies and Interests

Like my COSC 231 professor, I have a large number of interests, and am a master of none of them. Some of them include: