About Me

Matthew Coon



Hello, my name is Matthew Coon. I am a sophomore Computer Science student at Eastern Michigan University. My hometown is Hartland, Michigan, a small town between Flint and Ann Arbor. I have a wide array of interests that are evolving constantly, but right now my primary interest besides school is Photography. I co-founded Eastern’s photography club as the vice president, and recently had the first official meeting.
One of my favorite classes at Eastern was Introduction to Asian Philosophy. It has sparked a strong interest and belief in early Chinese philosophy. Another elective that I enjoyed was my Photography for Non-Majors class, which sparked my interest in photography, and Analog photography in general. I hope after reading this you have a better understanding of me.

Interests & hobbies

Like my COSC 231 professor, I have a large number of interests, and am a master of none of them. Some of them include:
  • Music - I have been playing guitar for six years quite frequently. I have been in several groups, as a bass player or a guitarist. I also play piano and own an awesome Synthesizer, a Roland JP8000. For a long time, music was all I did.
  • Photography - this is a recent hobby that I’ve been cultivating. I primarily go the “old analog” process, somewhat because of preference, somewhat because of the value.
  • Cubing - Cubing is the hobby of solving Rubiks Cubes, as well as other combination puzzles. Some people like to do it very quickly, some people do it blindfolded, some people solve huge 10 x 10 cubes, and some people solve cubes with their feet. Regardless, we all like to solve twisty puzzles. Here's the current 3x3 world record 4.73 seconds, done by Feliks Zemdegs on December 11th, 2016.
  • Gaming - Like most of my peers, I enjoy playing video games, usually older games that I played as a younger kid.
  • Writing - I have been writing for a long time, usually poetry or songs. Last year I was involved with EMU's Poetry Society, but have since relaxed on my writing habits.

Dreams & Goals

As most of my fellow Computer Science majors, I would like to have a job in the Software industry after graduation, but if I cannot find a job, I will likely go back to school as a grad student.
I expect to move from Michigan once I graduate, likely in a city. A few of the cities I’ve been considering moving to include Philadelphia, Seattle, or Toronto. Ultimately, it depends on where my career takes me.
I would also like to take a great vacation after I graduate. It would likely be a cross-country trip. A few of the countries I’ve been considering include America, China, Japan, or Thailand. Regardless, I look forward to getting a better and wider impression of the world.