My name is Michael Donheiser. I'm a senior curriculum computer science major

this is a photo of our row

This is an assign assignment for COSC 231

In my free time, I enjoy reading scifi and crawling the internet

One of the things I enjoy wasting my time is watching episodes of the AVGN

This semester I'm taking three classes

Class Course# Days Start End Professor Room
Cryptography COSC 374 MW 12:30 13:45 Martin P. Zeiger PH 306
Internet Based Computing COSC 231 MW 19:20 21:10 Eddie Gurnee PH 520
Computational Discrete Structures COSC 314 TR 14:00 13:15 Ranjan Chaudhuri PH 206

One day, I want to go into a field related to nation security

  1. First I want get some job experience after I get my bachelors.
  2. Before I go out, I want to get a drivers license so I need need public transport
  3. Then, I want to go back to school and get a masters in quantum computing
  4. I hope with my masters degree, I'll be able to get a job with the NSA
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