I’ve deliberated on what to say about me, but I get so overwhelmed with merely the proper structure of how I’m supposed to write and the thought that once I put this up on the web it’s going to be out there…forever. However, I’ve made my decision that I’m not going to make this a professional outlook on me but more of a personal glimpse into my likes, dislike, job, school, and quirky hobbies I enjoy. Over time I’m sure that I’ll change it up make it more than a mere starting point but that’s exactly it! This is my starting point…where it all began (kinda).  

About, about, about...I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, a non-traditional student (we’ll get back to this for those of you who are confused), and most recently a Godmother.  I am the youngest, but then again it’s just the two of us. My sister is four years older than I and she is the mother of two amazing boys. I see so much of us in them with their personalities.  Her youngest is definitely my child; I am always telling her that she had my kid (which works for me since I’m still on the fence about the idea). For now I will refrain from divulging any names as I should really look into the legality of it all.