TDA clutter
The creation of the Dunny Adventures started off with a prank to a friend. We had gone to the Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor to grab a few comic books and some other odds and ends when I was introduced to these quirky little dolls (don't tell him I called them that) . He bought a couple for himself and I somehow ended up with one of them by the end of the night. I had asked him to come and retreive his toy and nothing.
After a few weeks of pestering my friend I decided that I was going to be a bit creative in getting his attention so I pretended that I had kidnapped his precious possession and started sending him random notes in picture form with his little guy in peril.
From that day on several of my friends had seen my storyline and love the idea and concept. I was then given a Dunny as Christmas present. Low and behold the adventures of Captain Clutter arose. To see the beginning tales of the ransom note and the Clutter adventures you can seee them in the photos section.