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Melissa Gilles

A Little About Me

I am from Brighton, Mi.  I lived there for 17 years in the same house.  I played basketball and softball growning up.  I love being outdoors especially being up north.  I am really good at making everyone feel welcome and taking care of people.  I listen to children patientially even when they do not know how to express how they are feeling.  If I had a dream job it would be kindergarden room to a second grade classroom.  My dream room would have a reading area that was a castle and all children would be excited to read.   I want to make school fun, so everyday they children are excited and want to come back.  I am in my Senoir year and next year I will be student-teaching.

    My Teaching Philosophy


    I did not only choose teaching, teaching chose me.  Since I was seven I have wanted to be a teacher.  There are three main reasons why I feel that I have been called to teaching.  The first time was when I was in second grade.  One of my classmates was struggling with school and my teacher asked if I would sit by her in class and help her with some work.  From that day on I knew that I wanted to be a teacher.  I would make lesson plans, a mailbox, homework, and I would make my brother and his friends play school.  The second event that made me realize that I wanted to be a teacher was in fifth grade.  That year, my teachers name was Mrs. Walper, and she became my favorite teacher.  She was my role model; caring, organized, and was excited about teaching.  I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.  I knew how she had affected my life and I wanted to affect children’s lives too.  One of the last reasons of many I wanted to be a teacher was because of my brother.  He was born with Down Syndrome.  As I grew up, I noticed that a lot of the general education did nothing to help children that were different than the average child.  This made me very upset, and I knew the only thing that I could do is become a different teacher, to stand out and make a difference.  I know that some teachers care about the children that learn differently, but there are many teachers that do not have the tools, so they do not seem to care. 

    What is the average student?  I do not believe there is an average student.  I believe every child is different and it’s a teacher’s job, and my duty to learn about every child and then teach them with ways in which they can learn.  This is why I chose early childhood/elementary education.  I feel these are very important years for the child to learn.  By helping them discover who they are, and helping them find out how they learn I can help prepare them for later years in schools.  I feel that I am laying the foundation for their futures and I am ready for that challenge.

    The main reason i want to become a teacher is because I NEVER want a child to feel like they cannot do something.  Like most teachers, "CAN'T" will not be a word used in my class.  They can say they are frustrated, mad, discourage, or confused, but not can't.  My class will not be teacber directed, the children will direct the class.  Their interests and needs will be how I will make the lesson plans.  I want to help the children discover new things.  I also want children to feel that they are a part of a community.  EVERYONE IN MY CLASS WILL BE WELCOMED!  All the children need to feel like my classroom is a safe place.  I will work for their trust, and not stop until I get it.  I want the children to feel comfortable enough to come to me whenever they need me.   I want the children to LOVE school and discuss with their caregivers what we did that day.  I want them to be so excited for school that don't want to leave.  Until everyone feels that way I have not done my job.  

    Doing my job, means bring different ways of learning into a classroom.  One way it teachology into the classroom. I want to try to learn all the most up to date technology so my children can can learn all of the up date information.  I will use technology to help the children learn basic skills.  ABC games, and 123 games are another great source for children to learn.  I know that students learn in many different ways, this would one way to help children to discover.  I believe that technology is a tool to help the teacher in the classroom, and help the children explore.

    Helpful Information for Parents & Students

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    The 10 Best Ways to Help Your Children with Homework
    Homework Fun
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    Kid's National Geographic

    Technology Tip

    Online Safety Tips for Parents
    Education World – www.educationworld.com
    1. Be sure to fill your Internet Security shopping list: antivirus software, spyware protection,firewall, and patches.
    2. Realize that MySpace isn’t going away. If you’re concerned, sit down together and review your teen’s MySpace page. Drill your teen and friends about not giving out full names, addresses, school names, or other personally identifiable information.
    3. Keep your teen’s PC in an open space where you can see what’s going on – not behind a closed bedroom door.
    4. Avoid webcams. (Teens are too often drawn to use webcams to post photos they may deeply regret in later life. Remove that temptation!)
    5. Don’t be afraid to be the grownup. If you’re concerned about your teen visiting inappropriate sites, install software with parental controls to block those sites. (Remember when you childproofedyour kitchen with safety latches and electronic plug guards? Especially if your childis a young teen, it’s OK to “teenproof” the Internet a bit as well.)
    6. Don’t be afraid to play the cop either if you need to. If you suspect your teen is doing something wrong online, strongly consider purchasing monitoring software. If your teen is doing something inappropriate, it’s much better to be caught by a concerned parent than a real law enforcement officer.
    7. Don’t forget to protect your own data as well. (Think of this as protecting your teen’s allowance or college fund!) Particularly if your teen downloads software, music, or other items, you should keep your financial details and banking information on your own computer– not the one your teen uses.
    8. If your family shares a single computer, look into software designed to protect your financial transactions and personal information. Make sure you install that software if you’re banking online or using your PC for other financial transactions such as online bill paying or shopping. I do not recommend you use the same computer to do banking as your kids use to play games and download software from the Internet.
    9. Remind your teen to think about the future. What teens post today will still be hanging around the Net years from now when they’re working on developing real careers. Stupid comments and photos today can translate into unemployment in years to come.
    10. Watch out for social engineering. Just because someone calls you on the phone and tells you he is from the FBI, it doesn’t mean he really is! Verify it. Teach your teens not to give out any personal information over the phone, email, IM, and so on, that could identify theirlocation or provide key personal information.

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