Welcome to Matt's GIS Website!

GEOG 584

Below is my first attept at making a webpage in nearly 10 years. Hopefully it's at least somewhat decent!

Here is an example of a table working in HTML! Neat!

For this table, I have created one large title area, with two columns, with links underneath. I have also chosen a specific style for its border, and have given it a white background to go against the background.

Useful Links!

ESRI Website Michigan CGI My UK and Ireland Map
ESRI Michigan CGI >>>Click Here!<<<

Here is an example of a form working in HTML.

Line 1:

Line 2:

At this time, clicking the "submit" button doesn't actually do anything but delete whatever text you put into the two lines. It's just a proof of concept that I can actually make such an object appear for now. Below is a brief example of bullet points working.

Here is a demo of my map!