Fall, cut into leaves on a hard wood surface


The word fall cut into leaves.

Exploring Materials

Spray Paint

The word PAINT, stencil spray painted on a white background

The word PAINT spray painted onto a white background in a stencil like font.

The word PRECISE, taped onto a art cutting pad


The word precise tapped onto a cutting mat.

Energy spelled within the coffee grounds spilling out of the container


Spelled the word energy into the coffee, and tried to use an energetic bold font
because coffee is bold and for some does provide energy.

Type is Fun!

Type is Fun is spelled using keyboard keys, but to look like a keyboard is still on the table

Keys were pulled from a keyboard, and then placed to spell type is fun.
Also layed out in the way they would be on a keyboard.

Spelling the word STICKY on a wall with sticky notes

Sticky spelled with sticky notes, on a dark blue background.

Being Clear and Salty!
The words clear spelled with a acrylic tubing that is bent and shaped Are you Salty? spelled in a bold font with salt

LEFT: Clear is made with a acrylic tubing that is heated and bent, and is used in watercooled computers.
RIGHT: The words are you salty, in a bold font, made out of salt.

Bold, Relief and Fabricate
Bold spelled in mustard on paper towel Relief spelled with pills with the bottle laying next to it Fabricate scraped into metalsheet with chisle laying next to the word

LEFT: The word bold spelled on a paper-towel background, using mustard as the material.
CENTER:The word relief spelled in pain medication to refrence the relief one gets from pain.
RIGHT: Fabricate spelled in a sheet of alluminum using a chisel.


Addiction cut into cards and spread out in a rainbow on tan table

The word addiction spelled into a rainbow of cards to refrence gambling.

Clean Orderve
Clean spelled in cotton-swabs Orderve spelled with toothpicks and parsley flakes sprinkled around it

Left: The word clean spelled using cotton swabs.
Right: Orderve is spelled using the toothpicks that would be used to pick up the orderve and parsley flakes as a element of an orderve are sprinkled.

The sky, Its not ok and Vape

SKY cut into my last project 1 paper and layed over top of an atlas map of parts of michigan Hot? etched into a radiator Vapor cut into black paper and vapor smoke blown through it

LEFT: Sky spelled and glued to a acetate sheet, and then layed on top of an atlas map of a part of michigan.
CENTER: Hot? etched into the outside of a radiator that is used to keep a watercooled computer from overheating.
RIGHT: Vapor was cut into a black sheet of paper. Then vapor is blown through the wording.

Hold it, Ketchup!

Hold it spelled with bolts on a wood background

Hold it spelled with bolts.

Tomato spelled with ketchup

Tomato spelled with ketchup.

Its Not Okay!

ITS OK spelled in fake blood staining a carpet square

ITS OK written in a blood like dye to stain a carpet square. Also, the dye is used to refrence blood staining on the outside of the written words.


yum! spelled with rediwhip on a black background

The word yum! spelled using redi-whip,
referencing how good it is!