lab2logoMegan P. Smith


About Me

I completed Culinary School at the Schoolcraft Community College in 2008. One Semester after my now Husband deployed to Iraq for twelve months. I took that time to transfer to Eastern Michigan University and work on my Hotel Restaurant Management degree. In 2010 I finished my HRM degree, and gave birth to my first child Brooke. I have two children ages two and four. They keep me on my toes and guessing every step of the way.

Buisness Marketing Management Technology

2011 brought a lot of new changes to my educational goals. My husband on a second deployment to Afganistan allowed me the oppertunity to return to school and pursue my Buisness Marketing Management Technology degree.

Putting them together

With the Culinary Arts degree and Hotel Restaurant Management degree you can see how they would fit together. With the addition of the Buisness Marketing Management Technology degree it could be hard to see where they would fit together. They do because my final goal with the BMMT degree is to