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If you can read (I assume you can) then you should already have read that my name is Mark Poyhonen. I am currently a junior attending school at Eastern Michigan University. At EMU I am pursuing Computer Science applied with a minor in Sociology. Many of my hobbies include; golfing, playing hockey, attemting to code, and anything really that deals with the outdoors. I'm a 24 year old 6'5" ginger so as you can expect if you see me once than its hard to forget me. I'm looking to graduate in a couple years and start the roller coaster of life!

Fall 2016 Semester courses:

Class Name Meeting Days Start Time Finish Time Instructor Room #
Cosc 211 Programming Data Structures T, R 12:00 PM 1:50 PM Edward Gurnee 520
Cosc 212 Programming Data Structures-Online Lab Online Online Online Augustine Ikeji Online
Cosc 231 Internet-Based Commputing M, W 7:20 PM 9:10 PM Edward Gurnee 520
Math 120 Calculus I M, W 5:30 PM 7:20 PM Ken Shiskowski 321
Crm 300 Criminal Justice T, R 9:30 AM 10:45 PM Marilyn Horace-Moore 308

Four things I look to accomplish during my five year plan:

  1. Work my intership at Promess through the rest of my academic career
  2. Graduate with a minor in Sociology and major in COSC applied
  3. Turn my internship at Promess into a career
  4. Purchase my first home two years max out of school

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