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A Little About Me

My name is Megan Spring.  I am from Manchester, Michigan and my hobbies are skiing, kayaking and spending time with my friends and family.  I am really good at activities that allow me to showcase my creativity.  When I graduate, I hope to teach in a preschool or K-2nd grade classroom.  I will be student teaching in Winter 2010.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe in the importance of developmentally appropriate and differentiated lessons.  I want the students in my classroom to feel that they are a part of what they are learning, so I must design lessons that enable all children to learn in ways that are best for them.  When making decisions about teaching young children, I must always keep three things in mind.  First, I must consider what I know about child development.  Second, I must know about the strengths, needs, and interests of individual children.  Finally, I must acknowledge the social and cultural contexts in which children live.  When I consider all of these factors, I can begin to develop lessons and activities that are developmentally appropriate and unique to individual learning styles.

            Another essential part of teaching young children is family involvement.  It is not enough to just be involved with the children; but to include their parents in the learning process as well.  Having a close relationship with the parents and families enables teachers to extend the children’s learning outside of the classroom. 

            Technology in the classroom is not limited to computers.  It also includes cameras, TVs, and video recorders.  I believe that technology in early childhood classroom can be beneficial to young children.  However, educators should not rely solely on it.   

            I have only just begun to develop my philosophy on teaching so I expect it to mature with time.  What I know now, though, are the factors that contribute to how children best learn.  It is these factors that shape my growing philosophy.

Helpful Information for Parents & Students


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Technology Tip

Technology Tips:
Make learning more fun, relevant, and engaging!
Allow children to be creative!

Technology Tips for the Classroom Teacher

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