Matt Wilcox

About Me:

My name is Matt Wilcox. I'm 28 years old from Ypsilanti, MI. I'm a second bachelor's student majoring in Math with a Computer Science minor. Along with my second bachelor's, I will be earning my teaching certificate for secondary education. After earning my first bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science and Economics back in 2011, I spent four years unsuccessfully searching for a job, causing me to re-assess what I wanted to do. Then, last fall, I made the decision to return to school the next semester to pursue my teaching degree. I'm an avid sports fan with a love for hockey, baseball, football and soccer (primarily.) I'm also an avid runner, always trying to keep myself in good physical shape, and plan to run my first marathon next year (having rollerbladed one already a few years ago.)

The following are the classes that I'm taking this semester:

Class Name: Course number: Days: Start time: End time: Instructor: Room:
College Geometry MATH 341 TR 3:30pm 4:45pm Blair 313 Pray-Harrold
Programming Data Structures COSC 211 MW 5:30pm 7:10pm Mansour 503 Pray-Harrold
Programming Data Structures Lab COSC 212 Online Online Online Ikeji (Wen: GA) Online
Internet-based Computing COSC 231 MW 7:20pm 9:10pm Gurnee 520 Pray-Harrold

Five years is a long time and there is much I plan on accomplishing in that time. Some parts of my plan are:

  1. Earn my second bachelor's and teaching certificate from EMU
  2. Pass my teaching certification tests
  3. Begin my teaching career in High School Math
  4. Get married and begin a family
  5. Buy my first house

You can find a link to my COSC 231 folder here.

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