Protect Our Planet!

A WebQuest for 5th Grade (Science)

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You are an environmentalist on a mission! You need to convince your fellow classmates that they should also work to protect the environment. To do this, you will need to conduct some research and present your case!


The Task

You will begin your mission by visiting the two websites posted in the following section, “The Process.” You will use these websites to learn more about how to protect the environment and the different ways that the environment is harmed. Using information you have just gathered, you will answer the questions detailed in “The Process.”

You will create a PowerPoint based on the answers to the questions. Your PowerPoint will need to consist of at least 7 slides and you will be using these slides to present your mission to your classmates.

Before you create your PowerPoint slides, you will write at least two paragraphs summarizing what you have learned from the two websites and explain to your teacher how you plan on using the information to convince your classmates about your mission.


The Process

  1.      Watch the video embedded within this website:

  2. Use both the website above and the website below to answer the questions in step 3:
    1. What does it mean to live “Green?”
    2. List at least five things that might occur if no one recycled?
    3. List and explain five different types of pollution.
    4. List and explain five different things you can do to help prevent the five types of pollution you listed for question III.
    5. What does it mean for something to be biodegradable?
    6. List seven different ways you can help protect the environment.
    7. Convince your classmates why they should help protect the environment. You can use your answers from previous questions to help you answer this question

  1. Using the information from the questions you have answered, create at least 7 PowerPoint slides (at least one slide for each question). Keep the following points in mind when you format your slide:
    • Use bullet points or numbers when you list anything on a slide.
    • Try to keep the information concise and organized.
    • Include appropriate clip art and pictures.
  1. Prepare to present your slides to your classmates! You are free to bring notes to read off, just make sure to practice well.
  1. Remember! Your goal is to convince your classmates about your mission. Using the information that you have presented, explain to them in your own words why they should join you in helping protect to the environment and why it is important.
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Your PowerPoint slides and presentation to your classmates will be graded based on the following rubric. Use this as your guide as you prepare!












Slides do not contain adequate information.



Slides contain fairly adequate information.



Slides contain adequate information.



Slides contain adequate and well organized information.


PowerPoint Slides


Student has less than 7 slides.


Student has 7 slides.


Student has 7 slides or more.


Student has 7 slides or more.



Formatting of Slides

Slides are poorly formatted.

Slides are formatted fairly well.

Slides are formatted adequately well.


Slides are well formatted.



Verbal Explanation of PowerPoint Slides


Student poorly explains slides to his/her classmates.

Student explains slides fairly well to his/her classmates.

Student adequately explains slides to his/her classmates.

Student thoroughly explains slides to his/her classmates.

Convincing Classmates to Join Mission

Does not try to convince classmates.

Does a fairly adequate job in convincing classmates.

Adequately convinces classmates.

Does a very good job in convincing classmates.



You have mastered the ability to persuade your classmates to help protect the environment!  By gathering information from the internet, you have presented your classmates with valid reasons to join your mission. Excellent work environmentalists!

Are there any other topics that interest you? Take advantage of the skills you have learned from this lesson and use them to pursue another mission!

If you would like to further pursue this mission, you might want to take a look at some of the following websites:

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