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Nick James

A Little About Me

I was born and raised in Westland Michigan and have since transplanted myself twice sine then.  The first brought me to Garden City Michigan and the second brought me here to South Lyon, where I currently am composing this.

    I love to hunt and fish but I have a passion for coaching.  I was an all-state baseball player in high school where I staggered academically but managed to somehow get here at EMU.  I plan to teach social studies at the secondary level and continue coaching baseball.  I am projected to graduate in December and I am looking forward to re-entering the job market despite the poor outlook.

My Teaching Philosophy

I have a story to share.  One that many others have yet rarely share.  My story has little to do with academic triumph but rather over coming adversity.  My philosophy is centered on student development.  I am here as evidence that we ultimately control our own destinity.  My objective is to share with students that they posses the ability to be whomever they wish, whenever they wish.
Students learn from examples, repitition, and effort.  I heard once that life is all about revision and believe that o be true.  Technology challenges each of us in various ways and similarly lifes experiences do also.   Yet revision on the other hand provides an avenue in which we can overcome our past and modify for the future.
Technology itself is just a modification of the classroom environment and as society adapts to global changes we as educators must also modify our  own perspectives on how to utilize technology inside the classroom.

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

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