Niko Papanastasopoulos

My name is Niko Papanastasopoulos and I am a Sophmore, here, at Eastern Michigan University. I am studying Computer Science as a major with a minor in Supply-Chain Management. I am in the EMU Marching Band and am a member of the Alto Saxophone section.

List of Classes

Name of ClassCourse Number Days MeetingTime StartTime Finish Teacher NameRoom Number
The Science of Everyday Life12301 MW10:00am11:50amTumer Sayman Strong 307
Computer Organization 111040 MW12:00pm1:50pmElsa Poh Pray-Harrold 520
Internet-Based Computing11041 MW7:20pm9:10pmEddie Gurnne Pray-Harrold 520
The United States, 1877 to the Present12785 TR12:30pm1:45pmSteven Ramold McKenny Hall 167
Marching Band14671 MWF4:00pm6:00pmAmy Knopps Alexander Music Building 105

Five Year Plan

  1. Get Bachelor's
  2. Get Master's
  3. Find well paying job
  4. Get married
this is a picture of me and my row


Here is a link to COSC 341 folder: COSC_341

Here is a link to my 231 folder: 231_link

Here is a link to my Practice folder: Practice

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