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Paul Majeske

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Professor Paul Majeske
Communication Technology

School of Visual and Built Environments
(734) 487-3554
208d Sill Hall (Personal office)
106 Roosevelt Hall (Main office)
College of Technology
Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Short Bio:
Paul Majeske is an Assistant Professor of Communication Technology at Eastern Michigan University. His recent research work is in the area of multimedia use in the classroom. He is currently working on the statistical portion of a two-year study that combines interactive learning modules delivered by CD-ROM and online with traditional delivery that involves students in almost game-like learning conditions. He regularly teaches sections of courses that include:

The Introduction to Graphic Communication
The Introduction to Computer Graphics
Photo Technology (Digital Imaging and Enhancement using Adobe Photoshop)
Website Development and Management
Photo Reproduction and Image Assembly
Multimedia Authoring Techniques