On a pleasant summer day, a sailing vessel from the Far Sea Sailing Company came upon a hidden reef and was shipwrecked several miles off the mainland. Onboard the vessel, there were 5 people.

  1. The Captain
  2. The First Mate
  3. The Cook
  4. A Sailor
  5. The cabin boy

The crew longed to escape their confinement on this small island. They decided that they should send a message across the sea in a bottle they found washed up on the shore. They wrote:

message bottleWe are the crew of the ship Traveler of the Far Sea Sailing Company. We ran hit a reef while traveling several miles off shore. The ship was lost but we managed to find shelter on a small island. We have plenty of food and water but we miss our friends and family. If you find this message, please notify the authorities that we are in need of a rescue. Many Thanks!

Food on the island was plentiful and the crew did not go hungry. They agree to divide all the food they found equally. On the island they found:

All hands worked together to construct a shelter from the materials they found on the island. They wove palm leaves to make hammocks. Shortly after the shelter was completed a strong storm blew in from the ocean and the crew was pleased with the quality of the construction.

treaserchestOne day, the cabin boy also found a treasure chest in a small cave on the west side of the island. Inside the chest he discovered gold coins and numerous pieces of gold jewelry. He thought of the wonderful things he could buy with this treasure in the world beyond the reef. Many nights he slipped away from the others to count his coins. Place your mouse over the image of the treasure chest to see what the cabin boy found. Click on the image to find out more about what might happen to some of the money.

first mateAlthough the cabin boy tried to hide his discovery from the others, his deception was soon discovered. He felt that since he found the treasure he should be able to keep all the gold and jewels for himself. The first mate argued that all crew members should divide the treasure equally. He reminded the group that they had agreed to share all they found. The cabin boy felt that their agreement only concerned food. The other sailors felt they were all entitled to a share of the treasure. Finally, all agreed to share so that they could preserve peace on their small isle.

After spending a month on the island, the castaways were rescued by the passing ship, Mystic Seas. All the members of the shipwrecked crew secretly took home their share of the treasure. If you want to inquire about the other adventures of the shipwrecked crew, you can email them at