Ryan Huff's COSC231 web page

My name is Ryan Huff, I am a senior at Eastern Michigan University. My major is Communication Technology, with a minor in Computer Science. My hometown is Monroe, MI, where I graduated from Monroe High School in 2012.


This is my current class schedule. My first class does not start until noon, and all times that are before that on Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday, it can be assumed that I am working, beginning at 7am. I work as tech support for Monroe Public Schools.

Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Noon Work COSC 231 Work COSC 231 Work
1 PM Work COSC 231 Work COSC 231 Work
2 PM Work CMT 409 Work COSC 231 Work
3 PM Work CMT 409 Work CMT 409 Work
4 PM Work Work Work
5 PM Work
6 PM CMT 425