Diamonds in the
Music Page
Music for the yet-to-be-completed New Musical at Eastern Michigan University!!!
Go Tigers!
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This should be a complete list of tunes with the exception of underscored sections.
1919.mp3 1919 Sheet Music.pdf
*Game of Love*
Game of Love.pdf
Take Me Out.mp3 Take Me Out.pdf
Tiger Rag (ACT II Opener).mp3 Tiger Rag.pdf
What you'd call a dream.mp3 What you'd call a dream.pdf
The Umpire is an unhappy man.mp3 The Umpire is an unhappy man.pdf
Right Field.mp3 Right Field.pdf
Beer Barrel Polka.mp3 Beer Barrel Polka.pdf
Boys of Summer.mp3 Boys of Summer.pdf
One-A-Strike.mp3 (Italian Tune) One-A-Strike.pdf (Italian Tune)
Winter in the D.mp3 (Opener) Winter in the D.pdf (Opener)
Talkin' Tiger Baseball.mp3 (Closer) Talkin' Tiger Baseball. pdf (Closer)
Game Music.mp3 Game Music.pdf
Vaudeville Opener.mp3 Vaudeville Opener.pdf
My True Talent