The Art of Playing With Type


Title: Bendy Straws

yummm butterscotch morsels

Title: Butterscotch Morsels

almonds spell full

Title: Handfull of Almonds

chow time sandwhich

Title: My Lunch

leaves fall

Title: Fallen Maple Leaves

roses love

Title: Dozen Roses

romaine lettuce fresh

Title: Lettuce Shells

lays chips

Title: Lays Potato Chips

popcorn cernals pop

Title: Popcorn


Title: Crispy Croutons


Title: Quaker Oatmeal

coffee wake up

Title: Coffee Grounds

flour mess

Title: Spilt Flour

dish soap clean

Title: Liquid Dish Soap

tabasco spicey

Title: Tabasco Sauce


Title: Pops Cereal

pepper pep up

Title: Ground Pepper

bread crumbs

Title: Italian Breadcrumbs

whipped cream whip it

Title: Whipped Cream

Oolong tea leaves relax

Title: Oolong Tea

reverse bananna

Title: Reverse Banana


Title: Snack Cheeses

dog treats

Title: Dog Treats

screen print

Title: Screenprint Collaboration