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Becca's Portfolio

Name: Becca Robinson

Major/Minor/Level: Language Arts Major/Mathematics Minor/Senior

About Me:
I am from Huntington Woods, Michigan, but currently live in Ypsilanti.  I have been going to Eastern for four years and have one year left until I complete my degree.  My dream job would be to teach either in Ann Arbor or in the inner city of Chicago.  I love the city life and always being active.  I play water polo on Eastern Michigan University's club team, which is a lot of hard work, but also very enjoyable.  During my summers, I work at a camp called Tamarack in Ortonville, Michigan.  I have been there for 16 years and it is my home away from home.  For the past three summers I have been the supervisor of Fishman village, which is home to over 200 4th and 5th grade girls.  It truly is the greatest place on earth.  I will be student teaching in the winter semester of 2010 and then graduating at the end of that semester.  I would love to teach upper elementary, specifically fifth grade because I have worked with this age group in many different settings and find them to be enjoyable, yet a challange because they are just starting to find who they really are.  Ever since I was seven years old I have always wanted to be a teacher.  I believe that it is a calling to be a teaching and I feel that I have been called to teach.  I know that there will challeneges and bumps in my journey, but if I can make a difference in just one child's life than it has all been worth it.