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These are research links to some of the best online religion resources.
I have also given you sites for a few local organizations that you may want to visit.

General: Hinduism:
Harvard Pluralism Project: American Religion Ann Arbor Chinmaya Mission
Academic Religion Info Gateway Hindu Links (123) & HinduNet.Org
Beliefnet  &  Religious Worlds Hindu Scriptures
Women and Religion Travel India
Religious Tolerance  &  Virtual Religion Kumbh Mela Home Page
Religion & Ethics News Weekly (PBS Sunday 7:30 AM) Hindu Traditions
Human Rights & Urban Legends Gandhi Homepage
Buddhism: Jainism & Sikhism:
Ann Arbor Jewel Heart Comprehensive Site for Jainism
Ann Arbor Zen Temple Comprehensive Site for Sikhism
Zen Buddhist Virtual Library Sikh Philosophy   Guru Granth Sahib
A Short Guide to Tibetan Buddhism Jain Temple in Greater Detroit
Journal of Buddhist Ethics Studies in Jainism: Links
Introduction to Buddhism Studies in Sikhism: Links
Friends of the Western Buddhist Order Judaism:
Essentials of Buddhism Ask Moses.com
More Links Navigating the Jewish Bible
Tricycle: The Buddhist Review Judaism and Jewish Resources
Buddhist Studies Links Hasidim
Killing the Buddha Holocaust: The Nizkor Project
Dalai Lama Homepage Finding a Synagogue
Christianity: Islam:
Virtual Bibles The Koran
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies IslamiCity
Church Locator Asma Gull Hasan
Catholic Information Center Ummah
About Protestantism Islam and Women
Resources for American Christianity Muslim Student Association
The Jesus Seminar Shiite Islam
From Jesus to Christ International Islamic University
The Hall of Church History Islamic Interlink



Click on the appropriate blue link below to access an Adobe
Acrobat file that contains a selection of images shown in class,
a few of which will appear on the exams for identification.

Introduction Hinduism Buddhism
Judaism Christianity Islam