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Haynes' assorted papers, mostly for students

Topic Date Comment
MACUL2016 - intro to Arduino
Introduction to Recurrences 2007 short intro for COSC 311
Red-Black tree insertion mechanics 11/22/08 White paper for students to understand red black trees
Sequential Cct Design Cookbook 11/12/08 Designing with states (flip flops) for COSC 321 students
SIGCSE 2008 Report 3/17/08 COSC Department: part of a panel
Computational Microswimmers 3/7/08 Michigan Academy Science Arts & Letters
Python, Ruby & JavaScript: Young and Interpreted 2/18/08 COSC Department
Recursion for beginning COSC students 01/07 A white paper on how to trace recursion
Programming randomness for beginning COSC students 01/07 A white paper on elementary coding of fundamental distributions (uniform, Gaussian, Poisson)
Implementing circular queue for microprocessors 01/07 A white paper on circular queues, size 2^k, using array (execution time matters)
Extendible hashing explanation and example 04/07 A white paper on extendible hashing for my COSC students
Run time analysis 01/08 Alternate explanation and example: supplement for COSC 311
Elementary shell & sftp 01/08 White paper for beginning COSC students
Notes on Recursive FFT FA 2010 COSC 511
Timed Repetition 10/11 for real-time
Number representations for beginning COSC students WINTER 2011 decimal, binary, hex, Boolean
MACUL 2011 talk & Directory of source code 3/16/2011 Java Graphics Programming
Digital Diva 2012 2012 Invited workshop for middle school girls

Haynes' code fragments and examples

Topic LanguageComment
Notes on AVL
AVL Tree Rotations
Java Pure code
Also has pictures
Stack code (crude) Java correct code