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Curriculum Vitae:
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Recent work:

Rethinking Latin American Social Movements: Radical Action from Below. (co-edited with Harry E. Vanden and Marc Becker), Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.

Luchas ‘muy otras’: Zapatismo, autonomía, y las comunidades indígenas de Chiapas. (co-edited with Bruno Baronnet and Mariana Mora Bayo), Mexico City: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social, Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas (UAM-X/CIESAS/UNACH), 2011. Download pdf file

Latin American Social Movements in the Twenty-First Century: Resistance, Power, and Democracy. (co-edited with Harry E. Vanden and Glen David Kuecker), Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008.

"Latin American Directions in Popular Struggle," Mobilizing Ideas, University of Notre Dame/Center for the Study of Social Movements, Aug. 2013.

I was on sabbatical in Chiapas, Mexico during the 2013-2014 academic year. My current research is on Latin American social movements, focusing on the Zapatista rebellion and other indigenous autonomy movements. See my blog from the sabbatical year I spent there in 2005-06.

For information on how you can support Zapatista autonomous schools
in indigenous Maya communities, click here.)


JOBS/INTERNSHIPS - alternatives to the corporate ratrace:

Alternatives to the Peace Corps, book with listings (Oakland, CA: Food First Books)
Peace & activism handbooks and directories (San Francisco: Global Exchange), Online listings of jobs and internships in the nonprofit sector (U.S. and abroad)
Opportunity Knocks, non-profit job listings in the U.S.
InterAction (American Council for Voluntary International Action), Careers in International Development
Transitions Abroad, lists wide variety of international work and study opportunities
CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange), international study, work, and internship opportunities
Volunteers for Peace, international volunteer experiences in over 100 countries, including short-term workcamps
uVolunteer, volunteer service organization with programs in Latin America, Asia, & Africa
Campus Compact, listing of social change jobs, internships, fellowships
DART, Direct Action & Research Training Network, field school for community organizers
Center for Third World Organizing, activist/organizer training in Oakland, CA for social justice work in communities of color
AFL-CIO Organizing Institute, training & placement in labor organizing
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Junior Fellows Program, one-year fellowships to work as research assistants to CEIP senior associates
Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship, 6-9 month stipend for college graduates to work as project assistants with peace & disarmament non-governmental organizations in Washington, DC
Institute for Policy Studies, unpaid internships at "the nation's oldest and largest multi-issue think tank promoting progressive thought" on foreign and domestic policy issues, in Washington, DC
Freeman Internships at the War Resisters League, 12-week paid internships with the War Resisters League (WRL) in New York
Fund for Peace internship program, practical experience in international affairs projects "to prevent war & alleviate the conditions that cause war," for students of political science/international relations
Washington Peace Center job listings and peace activism in D.C. area
New York Teaching Fellows, training and subsidized Master's degree programs for teaching in underprivileged areas
National scholarships, list compiled by University of Maryland
National scholarships, list compiled by Washington University

THINKING ABOUT GRADUATE SCHOOL? For general advice, click here.
Directories of graduate programs:

-Political science/social sciences:

American Political Science Association links of all political science Ph.D.-granting programs in the U.S.
Comprehensive online directory of graduate schools (by discipline)
Education for Action: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs that Focus on Social Change
(Oakland, CA: Food First Books)
Truman scholarships, support for graduate studies, for juniors committed to careers in public service (including nonprofits)
Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund, need-based grants for undergraduate or graduate students actively working for peace and justice

-Peace studies/human rights:

directory compiled by Conflict Resolution Information Source
grad programs compiled by Peace & Collaborative Development Network
college guide to Peace Studies graduate programs, by
peace studies/conflict resolution programs - listings by
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, directory of jobs and internships
Peace & Collaborative Development Network links to peace/conflict resolution grad programs
human rights studies - directory compiled by Derechos/Human Rights (NGO)
human rights scholarships - compiled by Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
links to human rights undergrad and graduate programs, - compiled by University of Minnesota Human Rights Resource Center
Derechos/human rights - human rights internship links
Human Rights First internships - N.Y. and D.C.-based summer and semester insternships
Rotary Peace Fellowship, funds two-year master's-level degree program at one of the Rotary Centers for International Studies

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International development graduate programs in the U.S. and abroad
Info prepared by UCLA on international development studies programs and careers
Programs ("courses") in the UK and Ireland - listing compiled by Development Studies Association

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Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs - APSIA search engine
International Affairs graduate programs in the U.S. - compiled by
Princeton Review search engine

-Latin American Studies:

Links to all U.S. universities that are National Resource Centers (NRCs) on Latin America & the Caribbean
Directory of Latin American Studies graduate programs - by

Local activist organizations:

SEPE - Students for an Ethical and Participatory Education (EMU student organization), or Facebook page
Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice (Ann Arbor, MI) - task forces working on disarmament, globalization, hunger, Latin America, Middle East, racial & economic justice
Meta Peace Team (Detroit and Lansing-based) - offers nonviolence training workshops and provides opportunities to join peace teams in the U.S. and abroad

Other internationally-oriented EMU groups:

United Nations Student Alliance (UNSA at EMU) - learn about global issues and international diplomacy through Model UN and other educational activities
SABES (Student Alliance for the Benefit of El Salvador) - fosters solidarity between students on Eastern's campus and communities in El Salvador through fundraising, awareness projects and studies abroad.

Human rights activism/accompaniment:

Peace Brigades International - accompaniment in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Nepal
Fellowship of Reconciliation - "Working for peace, justice, and nonviolence since 1915"

INFORM YOURSELF! Alternatives to the mainstream media:

Independent Media Center - "Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage"
One World - news with emphasis on the global South ("Third World" or developing countries)
Common Dreams, republishes articles from progressive media
Z Magazine - "independent monthly magazine dedicated to resisting injustice, defending against repression, and creating liberty"

STUDY ABROAD! Broaden your horizons:

EMU Academic Programs Abroad
Mexico Solidarity Network program on Mexican social movements
Center for Global Education, Augsburg College (programs in Mexico, Central America, southern Africa)
Study abroad scholarships, links
more study abroad scholarships, links
NAFSA, Association of International Educators, info and links on funding for study abroad


Latin American Network Information Center, University of Texas/Austin - links by country and subject
NACLA News - news and analysis by country and issue
Upside Down World - covering activism and politics in Latin America
Internet Resources for Latin America, compiled by New Mexico State University Library
E-resources for Latin American studies, compiled by Rhonda L. Neugebauer, UC-Riverside
Online publications from & about Latin America, compiled by Rita Wilson, UT-San Antonio
Information Services Latin America - useful links, by country and subject
Latin America Working Group - policy analysis/advocacy on U.S.-Latin American issues
Washington Office on Latin America - policy analysis/advocacy on U.S.-Latin American issues
Center for International Policy - policy analysis/advocacy on Cuba, Colombia, Central America, militarization
Americas Program/International Relations Center - special reports on U.S.-Latin American issues
Political Database of the Americas, Georgetown University - political institutions, constitutions, electoral laws


Witness for Peace - eye-opening social justice delegations
Global Exchange - "Reality Tours" to developing countries
EntreMundos - helps volunteers find meaningful work in & around Xela (Quetzaltenango), Guatemala
DESGUA - Sustainable Development for Guatemala, a network of grassroots projects
Building Dignity - a non-profit with empowerment projects in poor neighborhoods of Lima, Peru


1) Cemanahuac (Cuernavaca, Mexico)
(Cemanahuac Educational Community)
Located in a pleasant city about an hour from Mexico City, close enough that you can easily go check out the museums etc. but far enough that you're away from the smog and commotion of the big city. I know the owners (a U.S./Mexican couple). This is a well-established place, probably the most serious language instruction of all the ones listed here, but also with a social consciousness and opportunity to take side trips to explore aspects of Mexican culture and history.

2) Quetzaltenango (known locally as "Xela," pronounced "SHAY-La"), Guatemala
a) (Proyecto Lingüístico Quetzalteco de Español)
b) (Asociación Pop Wuj)
These are two separate language schools, both located in the small city of Quetzaltenango. Most of the language schools in Guatemala are located in Antigua, which is a picturesque town but now totally overrun with tourists and language schools. Xela on the other hand is a majority indigenous (Maya) town, with a Maya mayor and thriving indigenous culture and not so many gringos, a much less artificial environment. Both these schools offer opportunities to work on community development projects while you're studying. Probably cheaper than Cemanahuac.

3) Chiapas, Mexico
a) (Zapatista Rebel Autonomous Spanish and Maya Languages Center, CELMRAZ)
Located in the Zapatista autonomous village of Oventik, in the highlands of Chiapas about 45 minutes from the old colonial capital of San Cristóbal de Las Casas. Tuition is on a sliding scale, and proceeds benefit young students in the Zapatista autonomous rebel educational system. A very interesting experience in terms of being close to a Zapatista community. Living conditions are rustic (simple dorms), but you're not that far away from San Cristóbal. According to the school's website, "the Language Center is a space for exchange and communication with diverse peoples and cultures of the world. Learning Tsotsil and Spanish is a concrete form of this exchange because the classes are offered in a context of the reality of the indigenous people in resistance. The activities offered are part of the educational and cultural exchange and are given in reciprocity for the economic support that brothers and sisters offer to the school. We do not make language yet another piece of merchandise. We do not sell it, but we do share it with all those who are open to this cultural experience and who identify with our struggle. Who can participate? All those who share our ideal of Justice, Liberty and Democracy for all, in accordance with the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, without distinction on the basis of language, race, religion, age or gender. You will need a letter of recommendation from an organization or group (social, political, educational, religious, cultural) that will assume the responsibility of your coming to our Center in the Caracol II of Resistance and Rebellion, Oventic, located in the Highlands of Chiapas."

b) Bats'il K'op language school, a non-profit organization that supports independent alternative projects in Chiapas.
Located in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas (former colonial state capital, quaint, a fair amount of backpacking traffic to the surrounding Mayan ruins and more recently seat of a lot of NGOs sympathetic to indigenous rights). Pleasant town, good base for exploring other parts of Chiapas or traveling to Guatemala, modest cost.
Also check out: (Instituto Jovel)
and Tierras Mayas language school, offers homestays and cultural opportunities

4) San Salvador, El Salvador
Mélida Anaya Montes Language School, run by Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (CIS)
Spanish with emphasis on social justice and community development, using popular education techniques with a participatory method. The school is named after FMLN Commander Ana María, educator and revolutionary. Themes of instruction include neoliberalism, U.S. intervention, women's human rights, social movements, environment.


Mexico Solidarity Network news, delegations; offices in Chicago and D.C.
SIPAZ, International Service for Peace - accompanies peace processes and provides information and analysis on conflicts in southern Mexican states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Guerrero
Global Exchange, Mexico campaign
Chiapas resources and lists - news, Zapatista communiqués
Schools for Chiapas - solidarity projects focusing on autonomous education; news, travel, study opportunities
Higher Grounds Trading Company - fair trade coffee projects in Chiapas and elsewhere (Traverse City, MI)
Cloudforest Initiatives - travel seminars to Chiapas (with language study and homestay) and fair trade project