Hello and thank you for visiting my homepage! I don't know why you're here but I hope that it's for benevelent reasons. This page is currently under construction (please forgive any broken links in the menu), but will soon be finished.
Feel free to check out my Projects page for a list of projects that interest me. Though I may not be working on them personally I believe that they are worth pursuing and am at the very least watching them closely. Links to my various online profiles and contact information can be found on my Links page. What is in the classes page? Well I'll give you a hint, it varies by semester.
"We will freedom for freedom's sake, in and through particular circumstances. And in thus willing freedom, we discover that it depends entirely upon the freedom of others and that the freedom of others depends upon our own. Obviously, freedom as the definition of a man does not depend upon others, but as soon as there is a commitment, I am obliged to will the liberty of others at the same time as my own. I cannot make liberty my aim unless I make that of others equally my aim."
- Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism is Humanism