EDMT 603 - Spring 2006

Unit 3 Website Assignment


Online Communications

I decided to create a page for my EMU Webspace page.  I used Microsoft Frontpage to create a page that summarizes the work I've done for the Unit 3 assignments.


Software Installation

For the software installation assignment, I decided to download and install the new Internet Explorer (IE) 7 beta software from the http://microsoft.com web site.

The new version of IE 7 (Beta 2) includes some interesting new features including Tabbed Browsing and anative RSS feed reader.









Teacher Utilities

For the Teacher Utilities section of Unit 3, I set up a trial gradebook using the SnapGrades product from http://snapegrades.net.   I selected a “college” template during the initial configuration and decided to elect weighted grading. I entered several assignments and grades and then reviewed the report and email functions of the product. It even includes a seating chart that allows you to drag-and-drop students into any kind of floor plan











Productivity Tools

Although I consider myself a pretty advanced user of Excel, I decided to learn more about an interesting summary tool I had seen others use:  pivot tables and pivot charts.

To demonstrate the use of the pivot table and chart features in Excel, I decided to create a summary of the average scores for each Topic team from the EDMT 603 Topic 2 assignment.  NOTE:  In order to create the data behind the pivot table and chart, I had to make up scores for all of the students.

The pivot table on the right summarizes the average scores on papers and presentations for each Topic Team.








IE 7 (Beta 2) Installation Welcome Screen





SnapGrades Assignment Score Entry Page





Pivot Table Summarizing Average Report and Presentation Scores for Each Topic Team