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Ms. Becker at Grand Canyon

Sandy Becker

M.A., Educational Psychology, EMU, 2014
M.A., Mathematics, EMU, 2004

Additional Graduate Certificates
Disability Studies, CUNY, 2018
Educational Assessment, EMU, 2014

Teaching Specialties in Mathematics
Math Reasoning [former course coordinator]
Math Education

Research Interests in Education
Equity/Access in Higher Education
Student Efficacy
Teacher Efficacy

Special Projects
Empowering Campuses toward Inclusion - visit the website



I have been teaching at EMU since Fall 2004 and teach a wide range of 100- and 200-level courses. It is an honor to work with so many awesome EMU students and to watch them grow in confidence as they learn to tackle all kinds of mathematics.

What's on this website

You can find my current teaching schedule and list of previous courses taught (with syllabi) under Courses.

For contact information, including office hours, click Contact/Office Hours.

More details about my research interests and publications are under Research.

And a lot of resources are available under Excel Help (tutorials for using Excel or Google Spreadsheets) and Additional Resources.


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