the hive

Find your people. Find your practice. We are a place where community
and contemplation meet. No more trying to be mindful alone.


The Hive exists to develop creative, compassionate, and mindfully-engaged citizens
in the Cincinnati region through small group classes, events and workshops.


Most courses are $75 for 6 weeks, or $15 per week if you register in advance. Course prices are higher if you wait to buy your ticket at the door.

Subscribed Members can sign up for courses at a 50%- 100% discount.

Join us before class Monday through Wednesday at 6:30pm for tea and community conversation.

Our weekly class offerings are typically organized into four categories: Contemplation, Art, Action, and Bodywork.


A New Relationship With Money:
Making Financial Decisions With Ease

March 6 - April 17
Every Monday
Facilitator - Liz Kitchell


Talking In Circles:
The Practice of Listening and Responding

March 6 - April 10
Every Monday
Facilitator - Matthew Lyon

Yin Yoga

Detox to Freedom - Yin Yoga & Pranayama
March 7 - April 11
Every Tuesday
Facilitator - Alex Ryberg

Pranayama Yoga

Pranayama Yoga
March 9 - April 13
Every Tuesday
Facilitator - Anne Minter


Guided Meditation to Connect To Your Inner Wisdom
March 7 - April 4
Every Tuesday
Facilitator - Darla Shewmaker


Meditation and Mandalas
March 8 - April 12
Every Wednesday
Facilitator - Maria Kammerer

More about our four class categories:


From the mystic Wisdom traditions of many faiths to the psychologically oriented practices of mindfulness, these classes equip us to listen within, to open to the Other, and to see from the Whole.


From writing, to improv, to painting, to music, art classes equip us to explore and develop beauty within and without.


From Design Thinking, to Non-Violence training, Action classes equip us to move skillfully into the world as contemplatives, engaging in our neighbor, community, and society.


Our bodies are where we live. Ranging from traditional Yoga and Tai Chi to dance and mash-ups of all the above, bodywork classes equip us to move past the busy mind and into physical practices that deepen our awareness and health.


1662 Blue Rock St Suite 1A
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223-2554

T: 513.813.8769

Hurry ruins saints as well as artists. Thomas Merton