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Dear Families: There are so many reasons to feel excited about the new year... new friends, new things to learn, and probably some new shoes, clothes, and crayons. Whether this is your first child attending school or you're a vetran several times over, the first day brings both excitement and anxiety for you and your child.

That's why I created this site- to help you! So take a deep breath, and know that your child is in good hands. I will do my best to calm any fears, anxiteties, or frustations that come up, so please let me know!

Meet the teacher

I'm the teacher, Mrs. Little. In the picture with me are my son David and husband Adam. We have lived in Alma for almost 2 years now and love it!Mrs. Litte, her husband Adam, and son David

Come meet me in person at our Open House: Thursday, August 28th from 1 to 4pm!

Mrs. Little's favorite color is:

Get your supplies and self ready

Supplies: A list of necessary school supplies should have been sent to you upon registration, but if you need another they are available from the school office.

Students: Get yourself ready by making sure you can use the bathroom and get dressed by yourself, open all the items in your lunch, get plenty of rest with a set bedtime, and eat healthy foods. It's also helpful, but not required, if you know how to ask when help is needed, and can engage in play and solve problems without physical contact.

Parents: You will need a lot of energy to help you child learn too! I strongly recommend a "trial-run" of how the first day of school will go... set an alarm, pack a lunch, and drive by the school between 7:45 and 8 am. School starts at 8:05 and ends at 3:05.

It is also good to know that children this age are a mix of unfiltered honesty and lingering confusion about fantasy and reality. The stories we hear can be hilarious and mortifying! As your child's teacher I promise to apply a healthy dose of skeptiscism to what I hear, and I ask that you do the same!

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