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Why you should hire me?

I’d like to introduce myself as a ‘stand out’ candidate. With near completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and Journalism, a minor in Graphic Communication, and real working experience as a Design Chief, I have the skillsets necessary to excel in any position. In recent coursework, I have accomplished the following: proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, In-Design, and Illustrator; completing website layouts in a Digital Photo Technology course; using various photo-taking methods in a Photo Communications course; and completing layouts for newspapers, posters, and business cards in an Electronic Publishing Technology course. I am also skilled in Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, HTML and CSS and using Mac OS. Because I am a motivated individual with a passion for Design and Journalism, I was not satisfied in simply pursuing my degree but also sought out an opportunity for professional development. As such, I have gained professional experience as the Design Chief of The Eastern Echo student newspaper for the last 10 months. As Design Chief, I work independently, consistently meet deadlines, use attention to detail to make sure the layouts and information are correct, and am skilled at sizing photos and using Photoshop. As such, my personal attributes, educational experience, and professional experience would make me a well-qualified and unique part of your team.