Music helps keep kids off the streets of Brazil

Music is Hope foundation in partnership with world class musicians and Brazilian non-profit organization Meninos do Morumbi are helping to educate kids in Brazil who would otherwise be on the streets.

Poverty and lack of Education is devastating to the lives of children in Brazil

Out of 100 slum children who are able to attend school in Sao Paolo, Brazil...

  1. 50 will drop out in their first year.
  2. 17 will finish the 8th grade.
  3. Only 8 will graduate high school.

Help Us Support these Amazing kids!

Watch the video to hear what the kids have to say about their experience with Meninos do Morumbi and Music is Hope.

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Music is Hope focuses on empowering kids through Music Education. Learn more here.

A picture of the kids in action

A picture of Meninos do Morumbi.

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