Julians New Song in collaboration with Meninos de Morumbi

Julian Lennon poured his soul into the recording of new song "Summertime" with percussion by the children of Meninos de Morumbi.

About Meninos do Morumbi:

Meninos was founded over 15 years ago by its president, drummer Flavio Pimenta to give kids an alternative to street life by teaching them drums. Starting with three kids Meninos has evolved into an organization that, in addition to drums, teaches dance, singing, English, Capoeira, and provides lunch to 2000 children.

When you buy this song through our Music Store, you help to support these children from Brazil to build a future that we all can believe in.

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Music is Hope focuses on empowering kids through Music Education. Learn more here.

A picture of the kids in action

A picture of Meninos do Morumbi.

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