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This is an image created by Sarah Martin to represent a metaphoric self portrait. The image was created using a variety of images that hold special meaning to Sarah. There are representations of a bridge, paint brush, row boat. life jacket, planet earth, human brain, a woman and child planting seeds, and a banner that reads: Travel student rate $0.00.

A teacher is a support. An important part of this role, is presenting the students with experiences that provide history and place art in context.  It also helps them to associate value, and make “art as a profession” a realistic goal - showing them that visual arts are a part of every life. This includes linking the arts to the culture of origination, allowing students to better understand the creative web that holds the world together.

With my support, the youth will be provided the opportunities and environment to grow, physically and emotionally. They will gain self-confidence, build trust, develop or strengthen a healthy relationship with an adult, and gain leadership skills. With these supports, the students will develop strong motivation, through which they will recognize that when focused and committed, they can succeed.


I currently make southeastern Michigan my home.  Having grown up in the area, I find satisfaction in giving back to the community that produced me. Growing up, my favorite courses in school were the performing and visual arts. Through my educational process, I have been lucky to encounter a handful of inspirational teachers, who sparked my interest in teaching.

My background is in after-school programming. I have worked for 8 years in the non-profit community, coordinating and teaching visual arts outreach programs.  While teaching, I was lucky to encounter many inspirational youth who have driven me to be the best I can, and to serve my community.

I hope you enjoy the WebQuest unit available on this site. I designed it to meet a course requirement. If you are an Art Educator, and would like to use the unit in your classroom, please do.

In my spare time, I enjoy food, friends, live music, and camping.

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