Sheena Ritz's Website

 Hello! My name is Sheena Ritz. I am a senior here at Eastern Michigan University studying Elementary Education. My major is Langauge Arts Group and my minor is Health Education. I have the summer and fall semesters of class left and I will student teach in the winter of 2006.

This website is designed to show how through this class and the assigments that I have completed, I have met the Seventh Standard for pre-service teachers within technology. The seventh standard requires entry-level teachers to have an ability to use information technology to enhance learning, as well as enhance personal and professional productivity.  The COATT Rubric measuresthe standard met. There are six strands included in this rubric and covered in this website.

Microsoft Office Tools
Strand 1
Strand 2
Strand 3
Strand 4
Strand 5
Strand 6