About Me

Tim Burtell

Tim Burtell


I am a native to Michigan. I was born in Dearborn and moved to Saline, MI in 2013. I am one of 11 children, the third oldest.
I first started learning to code at the age of 14. I started with C++ and self taught myself through a book. I earned an internship at a local software firm and have been working there each summer to pay for college.

Interests & Hobbies:

I am interested in lots of computer things. I am also interested in outdoors type things. I am not interested in sports.
  • Camping and Hiking. I use a hammock and go on weekend trips around Michigan
  • Road and mountain biking. Every summer I ride my bike to local parks and enjoy the trails.
  • I like internet subcultures and aesthetics. I am interested in what various subreddits and 4chan boards have to say. I like vaporwave, outrun, seapunk and other art styles.
  • Writing code. I write code in object oriented languages. I am currently learning about the .NET framework and working on a project with C# and XAML
  • Learning about emerging technologies. I read up on neural networks and self driving cars. I've invested in cryptocurrencies.
  • Here is a place I've gone hiking
  • Here is a newsite about new technologies

Dreams & Goals:

My current goal is to earn a bachelor's degree in computer science. As of writing this, I am on my second semester at Eastern Michigan University. I plan on staying here until graduation. I am aiming for a GPA over 3.5 so I can put it on my resume.
My long term goal is to move to the pacific north west. I want to live near the beautiful mountain ranges so I can hike. There is a lot of tech companies in Washington so I am hoping to land a job around there. I want to live frugally and repay my student loans before living as a free man.
Overall, my dream and goal is to be successful. I want to live a full life and retire at a reasonable age. I want to live the American dream.