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About Me

I am an EMU student looking to finish my bachelor's degree in Simulation, Animation, and Gaming. It has been a few years since I last attended classes at EMU, but I'm excited to get back to work. There are many aspects of the SAG program that I enjoy, specifically, 3D modeling and Simulation.

I am also considering a double major in Computer Science. I have some experience coding with HTML and CSS, as well as Java, Javascript, and C++. With that said, I still feel like I know very little about computers, so I'm excited to keep learning more!

My Classes This Semester

Class Name Course No. Days Start Time End Time Teacher Room Name
Internet-based Computing COSC 231 M,W 7:20PM 9:10PM Edward P. Gurnee PRAY-H 520
Simulation & Animation Dynamic SAG 470 TR 5:30PM 8:20PM Richard B. Gore Sill Hall 133
Research and Writing: The Technology Career Perspective COT 300W Online N/A N/A David Leapard N/A
Calculus I MTH 191 M,W 12:30PM 3:00PM Dennis W Bila LA 278

A Few Goals For the Next Five Years

  1. Graduate from Eastern with a good GPA
  2. Get a challenging and rewarding job
  3. Move out of my parent's house
  4. Get married
  5. Start a family

Here is a link to my COSC 231 folder... Labs located under "labs": 231

Contact the webmaster: linky