Teachers for Students with Visual Impairment and Deafblindness

Department of Special Education
Eastern Michigan University

Visual Impairment
SPVI 365 Braille ( I )
SPVI 366 The Eye and Vision Anatomy
          and  Physiology
SPVI 368 Mobility Training for Persons with 
          Visual Impairment
SPVI 369 Community Considerations for Persons with Visual Impairment
SPVI 464 Methods of Teaching Children 
          who are Blind
SPVI 467 Education of Children with Visual 
SPVI 469 Technology for Persons with 
          Visual Impairment
EDUC 491 Student Teaching
SPHI 228 Education of Students with Hearing 
SPHI 375 Fundamentals of Sign Communication
SPHI 479 American Sign Language ( II )
SPMI 483 Education of Students in Programs for Moderate or Severe Cognitive Impairment
SPVI 479 Deafblind Children and Youth in 
SPVI 499 Internship for the Deafblind



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