Grandma with Helper

Help out your Local Senior Citizens

Our goal at Untied Way is to increase or maintain independent living factors for vulnerable, low-income seniors. We have 3 ways to helps us achieve this and they are:

  1. Senior Crisis Intervention
  2. Senior Service Network Navigation
  3. Senior Social Integration

Acording to some recent health studies,Isolated people have much higher rates of mortality from breast cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and other chronic diseases. Being isolated is just as bad for people as smoking and is worse than being obese. If we can get volunteers to give a hour of their time to our senior citizens it could help save a life! Also according to a recent survey,

Over half of seniors in our County live alone (52%). Sadly, some seniors will achieve their goal of aging in place but feel isolated and lonely. Nearly half of seniors (47%) reported not having someone they could borrow $100 from in an emergency.

If you volunteer today you will be making an impact in your comunity and making Wastenaw County a better place!

Volunteer Today!

Help the Homeless!

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