Courses Taught:

CADM 105 Computer Applications for Industry
CET    151 Introduction to Computing in Engineering Technology
ELEC  215 Computer Aided Electronics
CADM 231 Computer Graphics Programming
CET    251 Engineering Software & Programming
CADM 331 Interactive CAD Programming
CADM 334 3-D Computer-Aided Design Modeling
CADM 361 Computer Numerical Control
CADM 432 3-D Feature-Based Modeling and Surfacing Techniques
CADM 433 Advanced Computer-Aided Design
CADM 435 Finite Element Analysis
CADM 591 Engineering Modeling

CAE    527 Engineering Software Development
CAE    535 3-D CAD Modeling
CAE    545 Engineering Simulation 
CAE    575 Advanced Engineering Dynamics
CAE    585 Advanced FEA
CAE    591 Hyperworks for FEA
CAE    591 Engineering Design using Inventium Suite
CAE    694 Seminar: Advanced CATIA & Analysis
QUAL 320 Industrial Quality Control
QUAL 553 Geometric and Surface Texture Tolerancing

Short Bio:

2001-Present Professor, CET and CAE Program Coordinator, School of Engineering Technology, Eastern Michigan University.

1991-2001 Professor, CAD Program Coordinator, and CAD/CAM Platform Director at Department of School of Engineering Technology, Eastern Michigan University. Duties and responsibilities: Teach beginning and advanced CAD courses, help develop curriculum, help supervise departmental computer laboratory, and advise students. Teaching courses include Computer Applications for Industry, Interactive Computer Graphics Programming, Introduction to Numerical Control, Advanced Topics in CAD, and Finite Element Analysis.

1988-1990 Instructor, CAD project manager, CIM system integrator, and local industrial consultant at Illinois Valley Community College (IVCC), Mechanical Engineering Technology. Teaching courses include Statics, Strength of Materials, Mechanism, Machine Design, Computer Aided Design and Drafting by using CADAM, COMPUTERVISION, and AutoCAD. Developing mini courses and providing consulting services for local industries.

Areas of Expertise:

Engineering research and application in the field of computer aided design/manufacturing, computer engineering, solid mechanics, structure design, vibration and model analysis using analytic modeling and finite element analysis.

Most Important/Recent Publications (More available upon request):

Jonathon Lin and Tony Shay
MasterCam Vision X: Mill and Solids (Version 10)
Scholars International Publishing, 2006.

Jonathon Lin and Tony Shiue
Mastering I-DEAS, Scholars International Publishing, 2000.

Jonathon Lin and Tony Shiue
MaterCAM 7.0 Book for Windows, Scholars International Publishing, 1998.

Jonathon Lin and Tony Shiue
MasterCAM for Windows, Scholars International Publishing, 1996.

Jonathon Lin and Tony Shiue
CNC Programming Using Mastercam Version 4 and 5, Scholars International Publishing, 1994.

Tony Shiue
A Joint Collaboration for Effective Education in CAD, presented at 1998 National Association of School of Engineering Technology Convention and Conference, Indiana.

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