Victoria Guthrie

Text Box: Streptococcal Infection


Today you will learn about Streptococcal Infection. In a scavenger hunt, you have a list of things that you need to find in order to win the game. For this scavenger hunt, you will be looking at some web sites to find the answers to  five questions about Streptococcal Infection and how this infection is transmitted.

To begin, click on “questions” on the left side of this page and read the five questions. Then click on “web links” to find your way to the web sites that have the answers to these questions. Follow each link and read the web page. When you find the answer write it on your worksheet next to the question it answers.

Good luck.


To contact us:

Victoria Guthrie is an Eastern Michigan University student, Studying Speech/language Pathology and Health education and is currently in fourth year of college. She created this website to inform teenagers  for Streptococcal Infection Scavenger hunt. Fifteen years old target population

This website is required for Current health issues II  for Health Education.


This website was published on  March  27th,2012



Learning Objectives:


1. Using the online scavenger hunt, the student will be able to identify     Streptococcal infection.


2. Show willingness to use valid

               web site  resources to learn about

               Streptococcal Infection.


3. Access information about Streptococcal infection from 5 different websites.