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Valeska Rickman

A Little About Me

I am 32 years old with a 14 year old daughter.  I was born in Carmel, CA but moved to Germany for eight years.  I've moved several times since my father was in the army, but lived in the Ypsilanti area for the majority of my young adult life.  My hobbies are working out, playing word games, and watching football, basketball, and track and field.  When I graduate, I hope to teach second grade.  Hopefully I will be graduating this fall and will be successful in getting a job soon after.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that education is the key to a brighter future.  No matter where you come from you can be successful as long as you have a sound education.  I wanted to be a teacher because  helping children learn and seeing their faces as they succeed gives me joy.  My objectives as a teacher are that students receive an equal opportunity at learning using Best Practices.  My goal is to find out how each student learns best and provide them with the tools needed to help them excel. Students learn in different ways; sush as auditory, hands on, explicit instruction, and others may need special services.  Technology can be integrated into every learning style to support learning.  In todays world, technology plays a huge role in our daily lives and we as teachers need to be up to date and familiar with the programs being implemented.  

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

Children should be reading everyday on their own for at least 20 minutes. Here are some helpful websites to aid in your child's learning:



Technology Tip

Parents, always supervise your children when they are using the internet.

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