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"Thank you for your interest in my biography! I am no great deal of a person, but I think it would be nice to have a website of my own and this is it......"        -Vamsidhar Yelavarthi

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            I am Vamsidhar Yelavarthi currently pursuing my MSIS program in Eastern Michigan University. I completed my undergrad in Computer science and engineering from a reputed university in India, in 2005. I have since then worked for Tata Consultancy service Ltd, an Indian IT consulting firm. I worked extensively in data warehousing and business intelligence, using various ETL and reporting tools. Through out my career, I worked for Citigroup as a consultant from TCS mostly in Jacksonville FL and Irving TX.

            After working for 9 long years, the job started taking its toll on me, by not offering any thing new to learn for my professional growth. In order to cope up myself with the new advancements in the field of IT and to refresh myself, I opted to pursue graduation in Masters in Information Systems @ EMU.